The Photoshoot : Behind the scenes

On August 27th, I had all company members and our amazing photographer Alaina Wilson over to my house to paint my garage…. to embark on a new journey. Why my garage you ask…well I needed to test out the paint and to see if it actually came off the walls with water and soap like it said it would. oh it did!

This journey is going to be interesting and very challenging this year. I’m creating a show involving paint…..yes actually paint. Now since we can’t rehearsal in my garage every weekend, we will just have to pretend where the paint is and how to use it until we get to the theatre. Yes you heard that correctly It’s either going to be awesome or we are going to have some difficulties.

Now – I wanted to have headshots and moving shots be more apart of the theme of the show. We used canvas and and just started throwing paint. I loved throwing the paint. My arms were so sore the next day…who would have thought….but so worth it. I think I had a little to much fun with the splattering part. The kids got me back that’s for sure….You will get to see the actual awesome photos soon, but until then below is what everyone thought about the experience and some behind the scenes photos. PS. The paint really does taste bad, and even though when the kids complained about the paint burning on their faces for a little bit. I really didn’t believe them, until I got it on my face and thought oh this really does burn. oops…

– Jen

“The photoshoot was a lot of fun! I got paint in my eye and ended up crying a blue tear, but the stinging was worth it because we got a cool picture. I also loved hanging out with the group and laughing about getting splattered with paint and I can’t wait to se the final pictures!”
– Sammy

“The paint shoot was such a stress reliever. Between starting the new season and going back to school, flinging paint at my peers was exactly what I needed.”
– Jasmine

“The Paint shoot was super fun! It was really cool being able to bond with all the new disORDER members and get excited for the new show. It was really find flicking paint at people and I loved pouring it on Jen’s head. It was hard keeping my fave neutral during the pictures though since paint was super close to my eyes. It was really great experience though and I can’t wait to see the pictures!”
– Chloe

” The paint was really fun! It was super messy and I felt like a little kid. It kinda hurt and stung when it go tin my eyes and on my face. A little got in my teeth, and it didn’t taste very good! I had a really good time throwing paint at people and being with such a great group of dancers.”
– Shelby

“The paint was really fun but cold and sticky. On people’s armpits and calves it would rub together and make weird colors and it was hard not to make weird faces while people were throwing paint at you.”
– Maddie

“I personally really liked it, was cool to work with paint. All and all I thought it was a great experience and I would totally do it again. “
– Erin Goodwin

“I really enjoyed the freedom of simply throwing paint.”
– Indago

“The paint was such a creative idea, and I loved how everyone had different colors, and while we were doing group pictures, I might’ve gotten a bit of paint in my mouth haha.”


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