About disORDER Dance

disORDER dance company was created in 2014, to show the competition dancer the concert side of dance. 6 years ago when I was teaching in a competition studio I realized that something was missing from my students. I was over hearing, I don’t want to do competition anymore, but where else am I going to perform. OR , I’m not going to move to LA anyways so why continue.

I found that many and just about all, didn’t know there was a whole other world of concert dance out there. They didn’t know that you had to move to LA or NYC to dance professionally. They didn’t know that there are dance companies in all genres in every state all over the world. I realized, I wanted to use my training as a concert artist myself and share my knowledge and prepare these dancers for the next step if they choose to take it. 

By creating this pre-professional program, it opens up exploration in knowing there is a different world besides the commercial dance world.  I want students to know, if they don’t want to take the commercial route there is another home for them by being apart of a company.

Throughout the year we take on challenges as any other company would. Together, we discover my expectations as an artistic director and what their expectations should be of choreographer/ Artistic Director. Ages of Dancers range from 13 and up. 

This will be our 5th year and I am super excited to be starting this journey on my own, not attached to a studio. It has been a dream of mine to open this program up to all students not just keeping it for only 1 studio. I believe all dancers  should get to experience being apart of a show and learning what it entails.