About disORDER Dance

disORDER dance company was created to show the competition dancer the concert side of dance.

By creating this program, it opens up exploration in knowing there is a different world besides the commercial dance world.  I want students to know, if they don’t want to take the commercial route there is another home for them by being apart of a company.

Throughout the year we take on challenges as any other company would. We discover together my expectations as an artistic director and what their expectations should be of choreographer/ Artistic Director. Ages of Dancers range from 13 and up. 

I started this program in 2014, this will be our 4th year. I have a much smaller group this year, I am so excited for this.

disORDER dance’s home is MVP Dance Elite.  Students train here at the studio and all rehearsals will be at MVP. Thanks to Patti Woffinden for helping my dreams become a reality. 

Things we touch on after the show:

Attending Radix dance convention

Out side performances

Nutrition and strengthening class

Master Classes: Bollywood, Stephanie Hilton

Student Choreography : How and Where to start

Writing Poetry : Setting choreography to it